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The Parkland Plan

U.S. Ammunition and Firearm Security Protection Act - The Parkland Plan

Authored by: Elysabeth G. Britt
February 15, 2018

This document was drafted to begin a new conversation about responsible gun ownership and public safety. The idea contained within abides by the 2nd Amendment, yet still provides increased security measures aimed at reducing access to opportunities for those who would commit acts of domestic terrorism, mass violence, and self-harm. This idea proposes a measure of self-funding for all aspects of the measures and creates new streams of revenue to train for and respond to acts of gun violence.

What I’m about to propose is a different take on an old debate; guns in America. This first step is actionable, measured and appropriate.

Under the Parkland Plan, a new law would be created that enables merchants and law enforcement to identify individuals who are unauthorized to purchase firearms AND ammunition. To do this, I’m proposing a plan consisting of the following line items.

  • Creation of a new law to add security and protection for responsible gun ownership.
  • Creation of an Electronic Federal Firearm Authorization System (EFFAS) to work in conjunction with a magnetic strip embedded in all state driver’s licenses and/or photo identification cards that work in conjunction with a merchant point-of-sale (POS) system.
  • Identification will be swiped through the POS card reader and results will return an authorized, denied or call for further information response within minutes.
  • The result will be based on information obtained from local, state and federal agencies (FBI Index Crime Database, etc. and certified mental health professionals.)
  • School Administrators will have an approved process to identify and report a student exhibiting behavior related to violent tendencies and will be added to a watch list.
  • EFFAS will be used for firearm purchases, as well as, all ammunition. (Yes, I am proposing a background check for ammunition purchases. This makes sense since firearms are purchased seldom while ammunition is purchased more often as it must be replaced. This will lead to better security around those utilizing firearms.)
  • EFFAS will be easily accessible for private sellers with mobile magnetic strip readers/apps. (This will enable enforcement of restrictions on gun sales at gun shows.)
  • EFFAS will not require information on the type of weapon or ammunition purchased as the system does not take in information from POS terminals.
  • Self-funded program:

    Tax of .03 cents per bullet of any type
    Fee of $25.00 per firearm purchase
  • Taxes and Fee use

    Ammunition taxes will support; database operations and technology (50%), local firearms safety training programs (15%), and active shooter resources for schools and universities (35%)

    Firearm purchase fees remain in state of collection and will support; Crisis Intervention Team/Crisis Response Team training and programs (50%), a fund for fallen police and law enforcement officers (25%), Current unknown needs awaiting input from law enforcement professionals (25%)
  • Fine imposed on those failing to follow guidelines for merchants and those purchasing for another person: $20,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison; includes private sellers at gun shows.
  • Change firearm ownership regulations:

    18-20 years of age – can purchase bolt action, shotgun, and black powder firearms

    21 years of age – all other types unless regulated by previous laws

    21 years of age – semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles will require a mandatory 21 day waiting period

    23 years of age – minimum age for conceal and carry permits

    Ban placed on bump stocks

My thoughts behind this call to action:

Example of a loophole in current laws – Person A can purchase a firearm at the age of 24 and pass a background check. Person A then commits a felony and is sentenced to 4 years for assault and battery at age 26. Person A regains access to the firearm upon release from prison at age 30. There is nothing that will identify the authorities this person has an illegal firearm except when Person A attempts to purchase ammunition.

Ammunition is expendable and must be repurchased more rapidly than firearms; easier to flag unauthorized individuals

We need to focus resources on identifying individuals who exhibit tendencies to threaten society and be proactive in mitigating risks to public health

Decrease opportunities for younger people to access weapons known to be used in mass shootings

Helps to identify those who are repeatedly denied at POS terminals for purchases thus alerting the authorities.

This is only an initial idea, but it’s time we had a REAL discussion about what is possible.

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