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No comment from President Trump on Russia's nuclear expansion efforts

Elysabeth Britt, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (OK-5)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 31, 2018 Oklahoma City, OK -- Over the past year, it would seem, a new age of nuclear proliferation has begun. Previous administrations made meaningful gains by working with nuclear nations to reduce the prevalence of mankind’s most destructive weapons.

Friday, Russia again thrust the image of nuclear weapons onto the world stage by test-launching a Satan 2 nuclear missile, just like they did March 1st when Vladimir Putin facilitated a symposium on Russia’s nuclear ambitions. It was in this March 1st presentation America witnessed Russia’s propaganda simulation showing nuclear ICBMs falling to Earth above Florida and mini nuclear submarines breaching the shoreline of coastal cities.

There has been ZERO condemnation from the White House on either occasion.

The silence from the Oval Office is deafening and should be cause for alarm, lest we forget how close we came to war in Cuba for similar threats, not long ago.

In cases like this, silence is not a sign of strength, it is weakness.

Mr. President, whatever your reason, stop side-stepping Vladimir Putin and call out the hypocrisy of Mr. Putin! He was all too ready to condemn North Korea’s launch in September but continues to build Russia’s stockpiles. The world is once again growing increasingly concerned about nuclear proliferation.

Mr. President, you are the leader of the free world. Use your voice to LEAD the world to a safer existence, by condemning Putin’s flagrant disregard for U.S.-Russian Nuclear Agreements, and for interfering with our precious right to free elections.

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