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I understand that we all take the issues very seriously, and although we cannot completely agree on everything, there is typically common ground upon which we all align. It's my hope that this page will provide you with an insight into my beliefs and how I will represent my neighbors when called to vote. 

Economic Growth

Smart policies must be enacted, revised and enforced to ensure businesses continue to thrive. To do this we must modernize our nation’s infrastructure, strengthen trade agreements, protect intellectual property rights, encourage job training, clearly define regulatory compliance requirements and increase the federal minimum wage.


To ensure our children have an opportunity to learn, schools must be adequately funded. In order to support local educational agencies, Congress must provide greater funding measures, reduce burdensome grant application processes and simplify formulas used to allocate funding.

Gun Ownership

We must preserve the rights of citizens to bear arms but recognize the flaws in the process of background checks. As a former service member, I recognize the right of Americans to own firearms for self-defense and hunting. To ensure guns don’t fall into the hands of those who would wish to do us harm; we must reevaluate some aspects of current gun laws or lack thereof.


I believe healthcare is a human right. I support universal healthcare as both a moral imperative to provide healthcare to those who don’t have it and good for the health and finances of people that do have healthcare. In order to better serve our nation, we must provide health care, mental health, vision and dental to our citizens.


We are a nation built upon the greatness of immigrants and the foundation of liberty. Congress must work together in fellowship to ensure responsible immigration reform is passed and promotes citizenship for Dreamers and those willing to abide by our laws; for there is no brighter beacon of hope than the lamp of freedom. 

LGBT Rights

Passing the Equality Act (a bipartisan bill) is good domestic policy. It would ban discrimination in employment, housing, credit, education, healthcare, public space and services, federally funded programs and jury duty for people based on sexual orientation and gender identity, which is vital for many of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

Marijuana Legalization

Repeated studies and surveys indicate that nearly two-thirds of all Americans believe marijuana should be legalized. I believe "marihuana" should be removed from the list of Schedule I Controlled Substances, as it currently has an accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. States should govern limits of use.

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