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Elysabeth Britt, PHR, SHRM-CP is a lifelong Oklahoman, who served in the United States Marine Corps, graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, and is a certified Human Resources Professional, is running against Republican Incumbent Representative Steve Russell in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.

She believes in a people-centric view of America, a place where having different opinions, life experiences, ancestral differences and ideas for a better tomorrow make our country stronger. She is THE middle ground candidate and the perfect choice for a growing Oklahoma. 

She’s the kind of person that when Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, TX, she signed up to head into the disaster by hiring and training those who would respond and help the community. She’s the kind of person that worked with families struggling, in the wake of the housing collapse of 2008, to keep their homes. She’s an educator, having spent many years designing, developing and delivering training programs for working adults. 

Elysabeth Britt represents Oklahoma working people. She is an everyday Oklahoman with the ability to listen, share ideas, collaborate and drive change. She is not a politician, but real people stepping up to be heard in a vacuum of true representation. Elysabeth Britt is Oklahoma.


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